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To foster a sustainable program of theatre education and performance.

To work with community theatres, public schools, home schools, special needs groups, seniors, and families of veterans.



Covering a broad spectrum of topics - Acting, auditioning, movement, improvisation, stage combat, stage management, and tech.  Workshops are led by DawnMarie Moe, a trained and experienced theatre professional. Specialized instructors are brought in from outside the area to expand educational opportunities.


Play Production

CURRENTLY we are on a hiatus due to the global pandemic. The theatre is in an old (1906) church sanctuary, which is not on the central air conditioning system of the rest of the house, and so cannot ventilate in a way safe for this circumstance.

BEFORE the global pandemic:  Plays are directed by DawnMarie Moe, founder and artistic director of Shakespeare on the Square.  She is also a teaching artist on the Nebraska Arts Council Teaching Artist roster and can be engaged to direct productions at other venues. With 38 plays in Shakespeare's canon you don't run out of material, but from time to time seasonal productions may be contemporary plays.  Plays are 6-8 weeks of rehearsal, in the evenings, and typically three days of performance.  

FUTURE: We will create a new way to do in-person theatre, a safe place to learn and have fun.


Teaching Methodology

Lesson Plans

  • Creating and adapting lesson plans for each specific group.

  • Lesson plans conform to Nebraska Department of Education Standards for the Fine Arts.


Blending Classical and Modern

  • Teaching is founded in Shakespeare, but incorporates modern teaching methods.

  • Blending classical style into a modern context, making lessons and productions more accessible to modern audiences.

  • Establishing techniques in voice, acting, expression and movement

It really does take a village to make a production happen.  Ticket sales cover our specific production costs, but overhead for the theatre space is by the generous contributions of our donors. You can donate online, or come a see a play and add a little something extra to the donation jar.

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