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Much Ado About Nothing

August 3-6, 2017

NEW! Much Ado rehearsal photos

LIVE radio interview tomorrow morning on NET Radio's FRIDAY LIVE (91.9 FM radio) at 9:12 AM with actors Summer Lukasiewicz (Beatrice) & Ben Hahn (Claudio)

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Tropical Beach

Much Ado About Nothing is generally considered one of Shakespeare's best comedies, combining laughter and food for thought about what we do for love, what we did for love, how to express love and our eternal search for love.

“Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were deceivers ever - One foot in sea and one on shore, To one thing constant never.” 

These are the opening lines of a song in Much Ado About Nothing that inspired our Shakespeare on the Beach setting. The lovely thing about Shakespeare is that his words aren’t about a time or a place as much as about the human spirit - motivations and consequences.  In this production, we focus on a band of surfing champions home from winning a big competition as they arrive in Ventura, California.  Here, they fall in love, fall for a trick, and keep the audience falling off their chairs with laughter. Shakespeare’s humor, 50s dances, wandering eukelele players, and twelve actors playing nineteen roles ensure a fun evening will be had by all.

Summer Lukasiewicz and Matt Lukasiewicz will portray Beatrice and Benedick, and come to the show from Blue Hill, NE.

Area actors in the show are:


  • Brian Dieckmann (Don John and Seacoal)

  • Ben Hahn (Claudio)

  • Loki McGregor (Don Pedro)

  • Rowyn McGregor (Borachio/Francis)

  • Madison Moe (Dogberry/Balthasar)

  • Charles Phillips (Sexton/Messenger/Boy)

  • Helena Segovinia (Leonata)

  • Elisha Sheffy-Harris (Verges/Elizabet)

  • Emma Stump (Conrade/Ursula)

  • Sharisa Tyma (Hero)

The play opens Thursday, August 3rd and runs through Sunday, August 6th.

All performances are at 7 pm at Arden Hall, home of Shakespeare on the Square,

911 L Street, Aurora, NE. 


Admission is by freewill donation at the door - there is open seating for anyone who wants to see the play.


In addition, you can now reserve seating in the front area for a $10 per person donation.







Shakespeare on the Square is a non-profit organization providing inclusive theatre experiences and actor training in Central Nebraska.  

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