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Much Ado About Nothing performs August 3-6, 2017 at Arden Hall - home of Shakespeare on the Square - 911 L Street, Aurora

Beatrice, Hero, and Leonata discuss the return of Don Pedro, Claudio and Benedick while the Sexton orders a lobster lunch. (Summer Lukasiewicz, Helena Segovia, Sharisa Tyma, Charlie Phillips)

Leonata and her daughter Hero (Helena Segovia and Sharisa Tyma)

Leonata (Helena Segovia) and Don Pedro (Loki McGregor) have fun tricking Benedick into loving Beatrice.

Hero (Sharisa Tyma) and Claudio (Ben Hahn) profess their love and make plans to get married.

Don John envisions an evil plot to break up the marriage of Hero and Claudio with his sidekicks Conrade and Borachio. (Brian Dieckmann, Emma Stump, Rowyn McGregor)

Beatrice (Summer Lukasiewicz) prays that God will NOT send her a husband with a beard.

Benedick (Matt Lukasiewicz) hides while eavesdropping on Don Pedro.

Benedick (Matt Lukasiewciz) hides to eavesdrop while his friends talk about him.

Dogberry (Madison Moe) instructs Seacoal (Brian Dieckmann) in catching thieves and drunkards while the nightwatchman naps (Charlie Phillips)

Claudio rejects Hero at their wedding, thinking she has been disloyal, thanks to Don John's evil plot.

Benedick tries to understand the wedding gone wrong while Don John looks on with devilish pleasure. (Matt Lukasiewicz and Brian Dieckmann)

When Claudio rejects Hero at the wedding, Father Francis (Rowyn McGregor) comes up with a plan that requires the help of Ursula (Emma Stump), Leonata (Helena Segovia), Beatrice (Summer Lukasiewicz) and Hero (Sharisa Tyma)

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Charlie Phillips and cast learn 50s dances to celebrate the Happily Ever After

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