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Bard Inspired Books - A Thousand Acres

Ever wondered why a book or movie seems so familiar? Maybe it's because William Shakespeare inspired so many modern texts and films! Bard Inspired Books is a blog series that will identify authors who modernize stories written by the greatest playwright.

Shades of KING LEAR: This 1991 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction winner, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, and the NBCC Award for fiction raises profound questions about human conduct and moral responsibility.

Amazon Review: Aging Larry Cook announces his intention to turn over his 1,000-acre farm--one of the largest in Zebulon County, Iowa--to his three daughters, Caroline, Ginny and Rose. A man of harsh sensibilities, he carves Caroline out of the deal because she has the nerve to be less than enthusiastic about her father's generosity. While Larry Cook deteriorates into a pathetic drunk, his daughters are left to cope with the often grim realities of life on a family farm--from battering husbands to cutthroat lenders.

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